Information point for foreigners

Informations point for foreigners is the place where every foreigner, who lives in Krakow will get the information he needs. Batorego 2 - is also a space for integration and implementation of projects for foreigners.

The project is financed by Municipality of Krakow.



The IP provides information in the following fields:

  • legal regulations;
  • functioning of the social security system and access to health care;
  • access to the labour market, improvement of qualifications;
  • obtaining social assistance, housing and social benefits;
  • education of children and adults, including the Polish language;
  • access to culture;
  • administrative procedures related to everyday operations in the local environment;
  • consumer rights.

The IP provides information in Polish, English, Ukrainian, Russian, and, after prior agreement, in other languages (Spanish, Arabic).

Address: ul. Batorego 2/28


Phone: +48 12 312 06 46

Facebook: PIO.KRK


ul. Stefana Batorego 2, 31-135 Kraków

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