Powers of the municipal police officers

The Municipal  Police of Krakow (Straż Miejska Miasta Krakowa) is a uniformed local government formation established to protect public order and peace in the municipality.



Powers of the municipal police officers
Fot. Straż Miejska Miasta Krakowa

Municipal police officers, while performing their duties under the Act of 29 August 1997, have the right to give instruction and in appropriate cases require the presentation of an ID. Such cases include first of all those who pose a threat to life or health of others and their own. The officer has also the right to bring such a person to the nearest unit of the Police.

Municipal police officer may also impose a fine for certain criminal offenses - in the case of foreigners it is a mandatory fine payable only in cash and shall be paid to the officer who imposed it.

According to the road traffic law, the  municipal police officers may lock the wheels of the vehicle or remove the vehicle which is parked at an unauthorized place and endangers the safety or obstructs the traffic. In some areas of the city municipal police officers may also observe and record events in public places using technical tools.  The municipal police officers can also issue commands.

During the action the municipal police officer may use force, handcuffs, multifunctional self-defense baton, DFD, electric paralysers and hand gas-throwers. The municipal police officer may apply measures according to the situation, necessary to fulfill the commands.

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