Municipal Police Officers are empowered to impose fines for certain offenses. In accordance with the provisions of the Code of Criminal Law the fined person has the right to refuse to accept it. The fine  imposed by the municipal police officer  becomes legally vaild at the moment of receipt by the person punished.


Fot. Straż Miejska Miasta Krakowa

Lawfully imposed fine may be waived, unless the fine was imposed for an act which is not a misdemeanor offense. The waiver of fine shall be done upon the request made by a punished person  within 7 days from the date of validation of the fine or by the office. The court under which authority the fine has been imposed is the only entity to decide about such cases. In the case of Krakow these are the Departments of Municipal District Court in Krakow.

In the case of exercise of the right to refuse the acceptance of a fine, a proposal to punish the offender shall be addressed to the Municipal  Court .

In the light of existing provisions of the Municipal Police, the Commandant has no power to withdraw the imposed fine.

The fine must be paid within 7 days from the date of acceptance of fine.

In the case of loss of a voucher, the amount of the fine should be paid to:
Urząd Miasta Krakowa, Wydział Podatków i Opłat, al. Powstania Warszawskiego 10, 31-549 Kraków, Poland.
Bank account no.: PKO BP, 20 1020 2892 2276 3033 0000 0000,
personal data including Social Security Number should be given.

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